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While you were cursing the heavens and damning the housing gods for your crappy lottery number, Yang Qu, CC '17, was feelin' fine. Why? This.

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So you got your lottery number ... now what? You'll know whether it's kinda good or ballparking on bad, but at the end of the day, you need solid stats.

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The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived: Housing lottery numbers have been posted online!

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Housing Registration is one of the most stressful times of the year here in MoHi. As if assembling a housing group wasn’t enough of a struggle, it also hard to decode the various policies and steps for registering for housing.

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March is an exciting time for Columbia. Spring begins, midterms creep into your soul, and housing starts to destroy your friendships and livelihood.

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It's that time of year again. Room selection is back and with it the utter confusion and frustration of finding shelter for another year on campus.

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Just a few short days separate us from the unrelenting hell-hole that is housing selection. It’s the calm before the storm. Where will you live? How will you live?

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You’ve heard stories about it. Seniors have warned you of its ways. Housing tries to bribe you with candy so you are less intimidated about it. The Cage — i.e. the location of in-person housing selection — is the final, and rumored to be the scariest, part of the Housing Games.

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“My group of six received the number 10/3000,” Nielsen tells me to begin his tale. “We immediately knew how bad things were. I can recall receiving the housing email and getting a text from my best friend to the effect of, ‘We’re going to be living in a dumpster off of 91st Street next semester, aren’t we?’” The predictions started to fly in. Most people prophesied Wien.

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If only Barnumbia was Hogwarts. There’d be a Sorting Hat that would magically assign everyone to their perfect housing option, and a magical service would move all your stuff in without you needing to do anything.

Still determining your future home? Can't decide between that McBain double and Wien-y single? Maybe you should consider how long it takes you to get up and at 'em for that perilous and unavoidable 8:40 in Pupin. Check out our handy map, telling you how long it will take to go from ~ur humble abode~ to Ham Lobby.

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Dear future housing lottery number, I’m but a lowly first-year, so I’ve only heard rumors of your notoriety. Based on what I’ve heard, your presence seems to cause heaps of unwelcome drama and strife.

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As you probably know, it’s that time of year. The housing lottery is right around the corner, and that means deciding where to live next year. If you’re thinking about living on campus next year, it’s always good to know your options. It’s even better to know their prices.

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You've seen the floor plans, you've got your lottery number and time slot, but there are so many questions, like... "How much of my life am I going to waste waiting for the elevator?" We've got you. Check out the ratios of elevators to residents in these dorms.

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You've seen the floor plans, you've got your lottery number, but there are some questions you may not have thought to ask. Like whether the kitchen or lounge supposedly at your disposal will be a crowded wreck the whole time due to the magic of ratios.

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You've seen the floor plans, you've got your lottery number and time slot, but there are so many questions, like... "Could I even print in this building or is the line going to drift past the access attendant?" We've got you. Check out the ratios of printers to residents in these dorms.

If you find yourself committed to living with a rando, chances are you’ll have stalked them on Facebook. And chances are you’ve encountered one of these six roommate archetypes…

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With Columbia’s hellaciously complicated housing selection process coming up faster than you can say, “Please give me an EC suite single,” it’s advantageous to figure out what dorm really suit(e)s (ha) your #aesthetic and life-brand.

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You're tired of the toenail clippings you find in your bed. You’re tired of calling CAVA on a weekly basis. Whatever the case is, you've had it. And you're certainly not going to be sharing your lavish Nussbaum double with your current roomie philistine.

So you’ve got a housing group, and now you’re all wondering what your game plan is gonna be. Can’t decide between a seductive suite or those cute lil corridor style doubles? Gather your pals around your small computer screen and take this nifty quiz to decide all your burning ~suite vs hallway~ related questions.

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Although your chances of a single at Columbia are a little slim, the prospect of having your own room is nonetheless enticing.

Housing selection, arguably one of the most nerve-wracking times of the year, is rapidly approaching. If you’ve been blessed with an exceptional lottery number, like Yang Qu, have fun in your spacious Watt studio single. However, if your lottery number is a bit worse than you anticipated — don’t lose hope! These dorms may not be at the top of your list, but don’t rule them out just yet. These less sought-after rooms still have a lot to offer…